Moulton Jubilee

$7,295.00 $5,950.00

In 1962, Alex Moulton unveiled his revolutionary small-wheeled, full suspension bicycle. Fifty years and millions of rider miles later, we remain true to the original Moulton principles of small wheels and full suspension for comfort and speed. To mark the Golden Jubilee of our iconic bicycle, we are proud to present the new Moulton Jubilee - small 20” wheels and full suspension for the longest or shortest of rides, on the smoothest or roughest of roads.

Hands down, the Moulton is one of the best riding bikes on the road today. This is due, in large part, to the highly adjustable suspension system. It allows the advantage of strong, rigid wheels in combination with high pressure/low rolling resistance tires, while still providing a more comfortable ride than a conventional bike. The suspension also maintains and improves traction on rough or loose surfaces.

This bike comes in White, Ferrel Red and New Blue as standard colors.  The build kit can be anything you can imagine but as pictured, in Bugatti Blue, the bike is equipped as follows:

  • Moulton separable space-frame, shot-in tube construction in Ni-Cr-Mo.
  • Hand-brazed.One size (16.5”) with oversize seat pillar.
  • NiCrMo fork with cast (stainless) crown. Stainless-steel dropouts. Silver-soldered by hand.
  • Moulton Leading Link front fork with floating stirrup. Adjustable damping and ride height.
  • Moulton rubber monosphere (dry cone) spring, self-damping.




| Charles C. 03-11-2017 19:12

Hi. Here are pictures of the Jubilee in Paducah and in Southern Illinois. It really does ride well, and seems as fast as my road bike. The main difference is that I feel fresher at the end of a ride and more eager to get back on the bike. It also is a fantastic descender, with a lot less of gyroscopic forces from the wheels, so I can cut curves a lot closer than I am used to.
Thank you

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