MKS Pedals Lambda Ezy Superior Silver

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The MKS "Folding" pedals don't actually fold; instead they use an ingenious quick release separator to allow removal of the pedal body and axle from the pedal boss threaded into the crank. The Lambda pedal has a large comfortable foot platform for using without cleats or toeclips.
The MKS EZY Superior system pedals are interchangeable with each other but not with EZY system pedals. Shipping Weight: 509g.
  • Alloy pedal platform
  • Platform Width: 78mm
  • Platform Length (front to back): 117mm.
  • Pedal Stub (boss) protrusion from crank: 19mm
  • Pedal Spindle Diameter (where it inserts into the boss): 9mm
  • Pedal Washers (to protect crank surface from damage) included
  • Weight (pedals & bosses only, pair): 486g
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