Custom Spokes and Wheels

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I have been building wheels since 1982.  In fact, I was taught to build wheels by the late Jobst Brandt when I was living out in Palo Alto California.  Jobst literally "wrote the book" on wheel building.  I recently traded in my old Phil Wood spoke cutting machine for the new Morizumi machine.  While there is a choice of  spoke machines (Phil, Kowa, Cyclus, Hozan) none rivals the tool by Morizumi Masakazu. It is head and shoulders above the rest, designed by a perfectionist with a career of spoke manufacturing experience. Mr Morizumi learned his trade at Asahi Spoke in Japan (partner of Wheelsmith in its early years).

If you need custom spokes, custom wheels or just want the best handbuilt wheel money can buy, I can take care of you.


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