Brompton Nickel Edition S6L Black

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It's official - Brompton has released the exclusive limited edition Nickel finish bikes. This is not just nickel, but lustrous 50micron high-phosphorus electroless nickel plating, evenly deposited over the mainframe, This is a finish naturally offering exceptional corrosion resistance, normally reserved for mining and deep sea drilling equipment.

Exclusive Nickel Black Edition

  • -  Nickel MainFrame

  • -  Black Edition extremities

  • -  Black Edition Componentry & Finishing Kit

  • -  Uniquely numbered plate

  • -  S Type handlebar

  • -  6 speed (standard ratio)

  • -  L Version

  • -  Choice of Seat Pillar

  • -  Standard saddle

  • -  Brompton Kevlar Tire

  • -  Firm Suspension Block

Handlebar: S-Type
Frame Material: Steel
Seatpost: Standard
Speeds: 6
Saddle: Brompton Standard
Tires: Brompton Kevlar
Fenders: Yes
Front Carrier Block: Yes
Suspension: Firm
Lighting: Reflectors Only
Extras: N/A
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