Bike Friday Tandem Two'sDay - Flag Red

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Bike Friday has done more than just fill a niche with this bike. They have eliminated many of the reasons people don't bring a tandem along on every trip. The Two'sDay makes a pretty convincing case for itself as an everyday tandem for many couples.  This is a very friendly tandem. The low frame makes getting on and off simple - especially for beginners. The seating arrangements are spacious, particularly for the stoker, with a 29-inch rear top tube on this bike.

The Tandem Two'sDay will change the way you think about tandem bikes.  With the ability to fold the bike in just a few minutes to fit in the trunk of your car or take a little bit more time and pack the bike into two airline-legal Samsonite suitcases and take the bike anywhere in the world.  The ride quality will amaze you.  With 20" (451) wheels, this bike is built for multi-day loaded touring and the open road.  Set up with the SRAM/Sachs dual drive rear hub (3x7 with 11-28 cassette) and a 46 tooth front chainring you get a gear inch range of 24" on the low side, to 115" on the high side - plenty of range for both climbing and fast cruising.  Shifting is managed by drop bar Shimano shifters with integrated brake levers.  The front hub is set up with a drum style drag brake operated by the left bar-end shift lever.  The front captain's position has an effective top tube measurement of 58cm with a stem that is adjustable for height with a 90mm projection. Another adjustable stem with 70mm projection is also available. The rear stoker's position is fully adjustable for a wide variety of riders and is shown with drop bars but H-Bars are also available.  Crank arm lengths are 175mm for the Captain and 170mm for the Stoker.

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