Bike Friday Petite Crusoe, 54, Midnight Blue, Used

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This 54cm Pocket Crusoe is the most popular Bike Friday model for light weight riders. It is a variation of the New World Tourist, the main difference being that the Crusoe has a rider weight limit of 120 pounds. (The standard NWT has a 220 lb weight limit, while the standard Crusoe has a weight limit of 190 lbs.) Designed specially for small and light riders because standard touring models are too heavy for them.  With the same touring geometry as the New World Tourist, and full mounts for front and rear racks and fenders. this bike will take you around the world, or could also be set up as a light weight commuter. The fact that it folds in under a minute only adds to the charm and versatility of a bike meant to be on the go.  Store it at home, in the office, or in the trunk of the car always ready to jump out on the next ride. When the time comes, pack it up, catch your flight and explore our beautiful world one mile at a time.

This bike has a Sram Dual Drive rear hub with 24 speeds (3 internal gears coupled to an 8 speed cassette).  This setup offers a very wide gear range from 19.7 gear inches all the way up to 106.4 gear inches.  Brakes are Shimano V-brakes, rims are Sun AT-18 polished silver with Schwalbe Marathon tires.

Bike Friday founders are hard core roadies, and they have the medals to prove it. They raced their way off the windy plains of North Dakota with a simple goal: Design a travel bike that performs like your best road bike.  Designed by Rob English, at Cat. 1 racer in Oregon, Bike Friday bikes have the racing pedigree.

For those unfamiliar with Bike Friday and their bikes, the Crusoe is a high performance folding bike. It is not a fast folder, like a Brompton or a Bike Friday Tikit, but rather a packable folder. It is built with 20-inch wheels and they are designed to break down easily into a standard-size, airline legal, suitcase.

As of 2016, the Crusoe is no longer a standard product from Bike Friday.  It was built as a higher end, lighter weight variant of the New World Tourist, with a lighter tube set and higher end components.  It packs easily into a Bike Friday TravelCase for easy airline travel, so you can stay in top form no matter where your travels take you. 

Touring on a Crusoe works well regardless of they types of surfaces you plan to ride on.

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